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The Language and Information Engineering Lab at Jena University (JULIE Lab) was established in 2004 after the group moved from Freiburg University to Jena. The Lab's research focus is on automatic text analysis in order to service various applications such as information extraction, text mining, document and information retrieval, and text summarization. Most of these applications are embedded in the biomedical domain.

While our emphasis is on building real-world natural language systems, these prototypes require a methodologically sound basis in terms of language technology tools and resources. Driven by these needs, the members of the JULIE Lab are heavily engaged in developing morphological, syntactic and semantic processors, as well as domain-specific knowledge resources (ontologies) for our various text analysis applications.

Over the years, the former team in Freiburg and the staff in Jena have gained considerable international reputation and a strong external visibility. The JULIE Lab is also involved in various national and international research projects and academic as well as industrial collaborations



Prof. Dr. Udo Hahn

JULIE Lab Team

Tel.: +49 3641 944 323

Institute for Transfusion Medicine,
Hannover Medical School

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine comprises the departments for Blood Donation, Immunogenetics, and Immunohaematology, which are active in research, education, and medical care, and staffs 120 employees.

Medical Care

The Department for Blood Donation produces over 40,000 blood preparations per year, including concentrated erythrocytes, frozen plasma, thrombocytes, and hematopoietic stem cells. The Department for Immunogenetics provides blood testing services for 75,000 samples a year. The world-wide search for compatible donors is done in cooperation with the Germany's bone marrow transplant registry (Zentrales Knochenmarkspenderregister Deutschlands - ZKRD).


The Institute for Transfusion Medicine specializes in the following research areas: molecular immunogenetics, molecular immunohaematology, cell therapy, and apheresis technology. The field of molecular immunogenetics is concerned with allogeneic stem cell transplantations and the central issue of how to minimize graft versus host disease, in which the recipient suffers from the immune response of the donated stem cells. Similarly, the positive reaction caused by the donated stem cells, known as the graft versus leukemia effect is the subject of the institute�s efforts in field of cell therapy.



Prof. Dr. Rainer Blasczyk

PD Dr. Peter Horn

Tel.: +49 511 532 8704

Clarity AG

Clarity AG offers comfort telephony, telephony extension and telephony automation - from the telephone set to speech-dialog systems - all on a single integrated software platform; the Clarity Communication Center. The Clarity Communication Center helps in improving telephonic customer-service. Clarity's customers include organizations in seven countries including India and China, which use thousands of channels to process millions of calls every month.

The company headquartered in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt am Main was setup in year 2000 and employs more than 90 employees and was honored continuously in year 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 at the industry-sponsored competition "Entrepreneur of the Year". Additionally, Clarity won the "National Leadership Award" of the Economic Forum Germany and the Systems Innovation Area Award.



Asad Bajwa

Tel.: +49 6172 1388 50

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